who we cover

Whether you use your van for work or pleasure, or both, we can provide a tailor-made solution, even if you’ve struggled to get insurance elsewhere. 

With years of experience and excellent relationships with a whole host of insurers; some you’ll know and some who are specialists, we’re no strangers to sourcing the best rates - whether you’re self-employed and need comprehensive cover for your van and equipment or if you have a past conviction. We’re here to help, not judge, which means we won’t rest on our laurels until we find the right policy for you.



Whether you’re a plumber, courier or mobile caterer, we know that you have a lot to organise – there’s clients to keep happy, materials or goods to order and that’s just for starters. Here at Commercial Vehicle Direct, we’ve been providing insurance policies to tradesmen and those who are self-employed for nearly 15 years.


Criminal Convictions

If you’re looking for van insurance and you have a criminal record, you may already be bracing yourself for higher premiums or even rejection. It’s true that’s it’s harder to get insurance, even if your crime has nothing to do with motoring or the type of cover you’re looking for, but the good news is that we specialise in offering insurance to individuals who are classed high-risk.


Claims and Convictions

As a specialist van insurance broker, we can offer rates that you may not be able to find online. We’re also huge fans of detail and we treat every customer on a case-by-case basis.


Van Insurance for Non-UK Drivers 

If you’ve moved to the UK and are looking to buy or lease a van for either work or leisure purposes, then one of the first things you need to think about is insurance.  While there are some insurance brokers that will offer policies to non-UK driving licence holders, this may be on the condition that you are a current UK resident.

Many insurers and online comparison sites will offer higher rates if you have a poor claims or conviction history, or you may find it impossible to get a quote at all.

We have a panel of insurers who are able to offer bespoke insurance products, regardless of your individual circumstances. We can discuss your needs with them on a one-to-one basis to ensure you get the correct policy, without paying over the odds. 

As a specialist insurer for a whole variety of modified vans, from catering vans to pick-ups, we’re bound to have a policy to suit your particular needs.

Have you been declined insurance before?

We take the time to listen to your circumstances. We know that if you’ve been convicted of an offence such as drink driving, you could end up spending a lot of your valuable time receiving unrealistic quotes or knock-backs, leaving you more concerned and frustrated than ever.

Our knowledgeable team can assess your particular situation and track down the most appropriate and competitive policy. Plus, our empathetic team understand that just because you’ve had a conviction in the past, you can’t afford for your livelihood to stop, which is where we can step in.

Looking for a personal service?

We’re passionate about providing a personal service. We know that dealing with insurance can be tedious, time consuming and confusing. Rather than spending hours answering questions online, simply fill out one enquiry form and you’ll be called directly by a member of our team.

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