how to validate your policy

Once we’ve found the right policy for you, there are just a few more steps you’ll need to take to validate it. Validation is simply our way of checking that all the information you supplied to us was accurate. 

To do this we’ll ask for a number of documents to be sent through. Once we receive them, your policy will be authorised and you can carry on safe in the knowledge that you are fully insured. 

Please be aware that we don’t need the originals, a photograph or a scanned copy is enough. The information about exactly what we need will be clearly stated in your welcome pack. 

What documents do we need?

The documents we need varies on your policy however, as standard, you’ll need to send us the following within 23 days from the start date of your policy:

1. Copy of your driving licence photo-card (front and back) 
2. Driving licence photo-card of any named drivers (up to 4 allowed)  
3. A DVLA My Licence check code
4. Proof of any No Claims Discount 

How to send in documents

You can send your documents to us as email attachments or by post. 


Commercial Vehicle Direct
Brightside Park
BS35 4BL

We’ll sometimes request further documents, such as proof of address or a copy of your Vehicle Log Book (V5), to make sure the policies are correct and offer the most competitive premiums.  If these are needed we will let you know. 

Make sure any proof of address, such as a utility bill or bank statement, is dated within the last three months and clearly shows your current address. You should also include your policy / certificate number in any correspondence.  


What happens if you don’t send in your documents?

Failure to send in any requested documents means you may be charged an administration fee; your premium may be increased or cancelled. If you’re not sure what you need to send, or how to send it, give the team a call and we’d be happy to talk it through. 


How to save your Driving Licence as a PDF

We know that the simplest task can take forever, especially if you’re not sure how to do it, so we’ve put together a handy guide on how to access and save your driving licence as a PDF:

Step one: Go to

Step two: Enter your driving number, National Insurance number and the postcode shown on your current photo card driving licence.

Tick the box when you have read the privacy notice, and click on ‘View Now’ on the bottom of the page.

Step three: You’ll now be able to view your driving licence information. To access and save it as a PDF, you need to click on the tab titled, ‘share your licence information.’ Then click on the ‘create a code’ button.

The check code is valid for 21 days and can only be used once, which is why we ask that you create a PDF of your licence summary.

Step four: To download and save a PDF summary of your license information, click on the link titled, ‘view, print or save your licence information’. 

A pop up box will appear, asking if you want to open, save or cancel the document. 

Click ‘save’ and choose where you’d like to save it. Now you can send it to us as an attachment on an email, or print it off to post. 


Reasons why we may cancel your cover

We will only ever cancel your policy if we have a good reason for doing so. Some examples of this are:

  • Non-payment of the premium
  • You have changed your vehicle during the policy to one we cannot cover 
  • You have failed to supply requested validation documents, such as evidence of No Claims Discount and copies of driving licences for all named drivers, within the 23 days from the start of your policy
  • We identify misrepresentation or fraud