Renew your policy

A year goes pretty fast doesn’t it? Before you know it your van insurance is up for renewal. We’re hoping your year passed without incident, which means that you didn’t have to make a claim. If you did, we trust we’ve made the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

It goes without saying that we hope you stick around, because we pride ourselves on being able to offer you competitive rates and exceptional customer service. 


Why do you need to renew?

If you do want to stay with us, that’s great! As you’d expect, we’ll still need to renew your policy because after 12 months it will expire, which means you risk driving without insurance. 

Also a lot can happen in a year. Perhaps your business took off and now you own multiple vans, or you decided to change the use of your vehicle from deliveries to removals. Whatever the change, and however minor it may seem, it can still affect your insurance. Our friendly team has the knowledge and experience to help find a policy suited to your needs, meaning that you and your business will be fully covered.   


When do you need to renew?

We’ll notify you before your policy is coming to an end so that you’ll never have to worry about forgetting and driving around uninsured. It’s worth calling us as soon as you can on Call us on 0344 902 8332, so that we can go through your details and options. It really is as simple as a phone call!


What happens about my No Claims Discount?

Provided you’ve not made a claim within the past year, then you’ll earn a further year’s No Claim Discount (NCD). And if you’ve made a claim but it wasn’t your fault, then your NCD shouldn’t be affected. Normally you need to have at least five years NCD to qualify for our No Claims Protection, but we have some insurers who offer more flexibility, so it’s always worth asking just in case you qualify.


Optional extras

It could be that renewal is the perfect time for you to look into, and add, any optional extras to run alongside your motor policy. We can help you with key cover, tools cover and personal accident insurance. Call us on 0344 902 8332 today and let us help you find the right cover for your needs. 

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