Van Insurance for Non-UK Drivers 

Van Insurance for Non-UK Drivers 

If you’ve moved to the UK and are looking to buy or lease a van for either work or leisure purposes, then one of the first things you need to think about is insurance.  While there are some insurance brokers that will offer policies to non-UK driving licence holders, this may be on the condition that you are a current UK resident.
We offer van insurance to non-British drivers who are resident in the UK, at very competitive rates. We don’t rely on computer systems or online forms, instead one of our experienced team will take you through the process over the phone so that they can search for a policy tailored to your needs. 
Our panel of insurers specialise in providing cover for all types of commercial vehicles and circumstances, which means that we will be able to help, even if you’ve been rejected elsewhere.

What happens if I hold a foreign licence?

One of the reasons why non-British drivers struggle to find reasonable van insurance is often because they don’t have experience of driving on British roads. Your premiums might also be higher because there’s no way of transferring your driving history, while some insurance companies won’t accept foreign no claims discount (NCD). Luckily, we do recognise that you have earned NCD abroad, which is why we are proud to be able to offer a discount to your premium to reflect this. 
If you hold a full licence, which was issued in either the European Union (EU) or European Economic Community (EEC), then you can continue driving on the licence until it expires. However, one way of pushing down your premiums is to get a UK licence, which you can do once you have been a UK resident for six months or more. You may also consider taking an Advanced Driving course.
If you hold a non-exchangeable licence issued outside of the EU/EEC then you will legally be able to drive on your licence for 12 months. You will also be able to drive any category of small vehicle as displayed on your licence, however you will need to apply for a provisional UK licence as well as pass a driving test before the 12 months is up, if you want to continue driving in the UK.

Choose from three levels of cover

We offer three different levels of cover, from comprehensive, third party fire and theft to third party only, which offers the minimum legal level of cover. While third party only policies can be cheaper, remember that you won’t be able to claim for any loss or damage caused to your own vehicle in the event of an accident.   All our commercial vehicle policies are valid for 12 months and we have a number of optional extras that can be added to your policy.
If you need to travel abroad on a work contract or want to visit family back home, it’s worth knowing that all our insurance policies offer foreign travel and European cover. 

We also cover imported vans

We’re specialists when it comes to all types of modified vans, so if you have a van which has been imported, we can help. It doesn’t matter that it’s a left-hand drive or that it was built to a different standard – our panel of insurers will be able to find a policy for you.
Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you get you on the road.