insurance for criminal convictions

If you’re looking for van insurance and you have a criminal record, you may already be bracing yourself for higher premiums or even rejection. It’s true that’s it’s harder to get insurance, even if your crime has nothing to do with motoring or the type of cover you’re looking for, but the good news is that we specialise in offering insurance to individuals who are classed high-risk.

It’s easy to feel like you’re still being punished or faced with never-ending obstacles when all you’re trying to do is move forward with your life. At Commercial Vehicle Direct we don’t judge, nor do we rely on an online form to tell us everything we need to know about our customers. We know that you, and your situation, may be far more complicated than that, which is why we only sell insurance over the phone.

Van insurance for everyone

When we say everyone, we really mean it. In fact we specialise in helping those who have been refused insurance elsewhere because they have a driving offence or criminal conviction, even if it isn’t driving related. 

So if this is you, we’re the people you need to talk to.

Panel of experts

Our trusted team works closely with a panel of specialist insurers allowing them to discuss cases on an individual basis, so that you get the cover you need, when you need it. 

This panel offers bespoke cover for:

  • Drivers with motoring convictions
  • Drivers who have been banned
  • Drivers who have been refused insurance
  • Drivers with poor credit history
  • Drivers with criminal convictions

This means that we can give our customers access to insurance quotes they wouldn’t find online. 

Because we take full account of your history, your vehicle and your usage – we can work with our panel to come up with the most competitive policy suited to your needs, whether you drive a van for business, leisure, or both.

    Honesty is key 

    We can only help you if you help us. If you have a criminal conviction it’s important to be as clear and open as possible when answering any questions relating to the conviction. At Commercial Vehicle Direct you’re in safe hands, so there’s no need to hold anything back or worry that it will jeopardise your chances of getting insurance. 

    All we ask is that you answer our questions honestly and accurately, otherwise any incorrect or misleading information could affect the validity of your policy and you won’t be protected in the event of a claim. This includes whether you still have any “unspent convictions” or past claims which we should know about, or which has meant you’ve been rejected elsewhere.

    Get in touch with us today and let’s help get you back on the road.