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Do you need courier insurance?

If you are offering a courier service and moving products or documents between a business and a customer in return for a fee then you’ll need courier van insurance.

This is because if you need to make a claim while driving your van for business purposes but you’ve said you’ll only be using your van for social then you will not be insured and you’ll have to pay a £300 fixed penalty, six penalty points and your van could be confiscated for your trouble!

What does courier van insurance cover?

Courier van insurance provides cover for the day-to-day miles you do as a courier driver and the multiple delivery stops you’ll need to make to meet scheduled delivery times, or if you provide a same day courier service.

You don’t have to have Goods in transit cover but you will be responsible for any loss, damage or theft that happens to the goods when you’re delivering them between a business and a customer if you don’t have this in place so it might be that you should consider.

Hire and Reward Insurance from the Experts

Here at Commercial Vehicle Direct, we know that finding suitable van insurance isn’t always easy. That’s why we have a specially trained team of experts ready to give you a competitive quote. All of our commercial van insurance policies are tailored to suit your individual needs. 

We are a specialist van insurance broker with access to a wide panel of insurers. Our UK based expert call centre can offer you competitive prices for an extensive range of van insurance policies including optional extras such as RAC Breakdown cover, Excess Protection, Tool cover and Replacement Vehicle cover.

So if you're looking for commercial van insurance, give us a call today and see how much you can save.

What is courier van insurance?

Courier insurance is needed if you are delivering products, such as parcels or newspapers, to multiple places in one sitting. The type of courier business insurance you need is very much dictated by how you’re moving your goods and what with. If you are transporting larger and heavier goods purely from A to B in a single journey, you will specifically need hire and reward insurance rather than courier insurance. While both are similar to each other, it’s important that you obtain the correct insurance for your needs - our expert courier insurance brokers at Commercial Vehicle Direct will be able to help.

What types of courier insurance are there?

The type of Courier insurance required is very much dictated by the what and how you're moving your goods.

  • Hire & Reward - this type of insurance policy allows you to deliver other people's goods. If you don't have this in place for this type of activity your normal standard motor insurance will be invalid.
  • Own-goods - this is the movement of your own goods and equipment between locations.
  • Courier - this is more suitable for multi-drop like newspaper delivery or those delivering documents.

Why the right courier insurance is important

There are certain risks that are associated with courier work. Couriers may be perceived by insurers as generally being in a hurry so that targets are met, and therefore more likely to have an accident. Consequently, having the correct courier insurance is a legal requirement. If you fail to hold the right courier insurance, then your insurer may deem your insurance invalid and you will not be protected if you need to claim. If you are only a courier part-time, it is possible to get temporary courier insurance. Our expert courier insurance brokers can help find the best temporary insurance for your needs. Courier Insurance can also come with:

We offer these (and more) optional extras, all of which are available for purchase on top of your courier car or van insurance. Whilst courier insurance for your car or van protects any costs involving your vehicle, it doesn’t cover the cost of the goods being transported. You can add goods in transit insurance on top of your courier insurance to ensure belongings are covered. Our parent company Brightside offers goods in transit insurance from experienced brokers who can add it to your policy.


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