Rise in 'Peel and Steel' theft

Thursday 25th May 2017

Rise in "Peel and Steal" theft warning for van drivers

‘Peel and steal’ has seen thieves take tools in seconds as they prise open tradesmen’s vans as easily as a tins of sardines.

Gangs have been targeting vans across the UK to steal tools and equipment worth thousands of pounds. The new technique has been described as similar to peeling a banana or opening a tin of sardines as thieves use their bodyweight to pull down the side or back doors with their fingers.

It can take as little as 40 seconds* to get into a van and the approach means they don’t have to carry any tools, making them harder to catch as they are not equipped. According to campaigners this style of theft is happening at least five times a day across the UK.

To deter these thieves, we would always suggest not keeping any tools in your van overnight and displaying a “no tools kept in this van” sign. But the reality is that theft doesn’t just happen at night and your tools are also at risk during the day. If you’re one of the many tradespeople that uses a van to carry your tools around, then you probably already know that standard van insurance alone won’t cover them if your van is broken into. We recommend that you look into making sure you are covered with Tool Cover Insurance.

Our tool cover policy has been designed to protect you if your tools are stolen day or night, it even covers you if they are lost or damaged whilst being loaded, unloaded, carried or temporarily stored within your vehicle. While this won’t stop your van being targeted or broken into by thieves, it will ensure that should the worst happen you can get back to work as soon as possible.

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*Source: Dailymail