tools cover

Any small business owner will tell you that you can only do a good job if you have the right tools. When time is money, no one wants to be struggling without the adequate equipment if your work gear gets stolen.

Whether you’re a carpenter, house painter or builder your tools are what help you carry out your trade to the best possible standard. They are your bread and butter. 

Protect your valuable tools

At Commercial Vehicle Direct we know vans, which means we also understand the value of what goes in them. You can take advantage of our dedicated policy, which will help safeguard you if your valuable tools can no longer be used due to damage, for example.  

Our tool policy cover will:

  • Protect you if your tools are lost, stolen or damaged while it is being loaded, unloaded, carried or temporarily stored in your insured vehicle. 

Upon a claim, we will:

  • Replace, or pay the cost of replacing the item with a similar product up to the amount insured. There is a choice of two cover levels of either £2,500 or £5,000 and this will be agreed at the time you take out the policy.

24-hour cover 

While we know that taking good care of your equipment is part of your responsibility, we also understand that in certain professions, you may need to work around the clock. 

That’s one of the reasons we offer 24-hour cover, which is an extremely useful feature for traders who want the peace of mind that their tools will be covered even when they are left in the vehicle at night. Of course, there are some security requirements which we can discuss when you call to add it to your policy. You can view the full terms and conditions in our Tools Cover policy document. 

Dealing with any kind of damage or loss when it relates to your business or property is both time consuming and financially stressful. We’re here to help reduce that worry and give you peace of mind so you can carry on growing your business and living your life. 

Get in touch today to talk to our knowledgeable and friendly team.