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  • Are you aged between 21 and 75?
  • Have you held a UK driving licence for at least 6 months, or held an EU licence for 12 months?
  • Do you have points on your licence?
  • Have you ever been disqualified from driving?
  • Is your van up to 7.5 tonnes? 
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Why leased van insurance?

You’ve found your perfect van and after doing the sums, you’ve realised that it would make more financial sense if you lease the van rather than buy it outright. This can often be the case for those who don’t want to spend thousands of pounds on a vehicle, but would still like to benefit from driving a new van while spreading out the monthly payments. 

There are many benefits to leasing a van, rather than owning the van. You don’t have to worry about the cost of it depreciating as soon as you drive off the forecourt and as you’ll be driving around in a new vehicle, there will be less maintenance and servicing costs. 

You might also have the option to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease or you can opt to take out another agreement so that you can get to enjoy driving around in a shiny new van, packed with some of the latest features.

Of course, to drive it you will need van insurance, which is where Commercial Vehicle Direct can come to the rescue. We provide cover for long-term lease, and are one of the leading specialist van insurance brokers. We also cover all types of vans, which means we can find a policy that suits your needs from our panel of top van insurers.

What happens if I’m involved in an accident?

When you get a lease, either contract hire or purchase agreement you will often be required to take comprehensive cover to protect the leaseholder.  If you damage or break the van while it is on lease then you will be responsible for fixing it. The reason for comprehensive cover is so that if it’s involved in an accident then the insurance company will pay out for the repairs. However, if you write off the vehicle in an accident, then the insurance company will pay the lease company.  

This might need not be always enough to settle the lease. You may want a Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)Insurance policy to make sure you’re not out of pocket. We offer three different types of GAP policies but the one that may be most suited to your needs is our finance and contract hire option.  This means that if your van is written off you will receive the difference between the market value of the vehicle at the time you took out the lease and the insurers settlement, meaning you shouldn’t have any shortfall or debt should you find your trusty vehicle off the road for good. This is especially useful if you are required to pay an outstanding amount to end or settle your lease agreement. 

We know that your van may form part of your livelihood and with a dent in your finances, you may struggle to get up and running again or find a suitable replacement. Find out more about our GAP Insurance policies today. 


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