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What is impounded van insurance?

Impounded van insurance is a type of insurance that will allow you to retrieve your van and drive it away again in the event of it being seized by the police and impounded for any reason.

The most important thing to understand is that your standard van insurance policy will not cover the retrieval of your van. If your van gets impounded, you need to take out a new impounded van insurance policy if you want to drive away with your van.

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Why won't my insurance cover getting my van out of impound?

If you’ve committed an offence that would require your van to be seized then you fall into a high risk category for your insurance, therefore insurers would be unlikely to cover you if you wanted an impounded van to be covered when taking out your original policy. Likewise, an existing standard van insurance policy will not cover the event of the vehicle being impounded.

The police will always check whether or not you have specifically taken out an impounded van insurance policy before they’ll let you drive your van out of the impound again. While there unfortunately isn’t any other way around this, here at Commercial Vehicle Direct we can help to provide you with the impounded van insurance you will need in the event of your van becoming impounded.

How do I insure an impounded van?

Insuring an impounded van is more possible than some may think and with the right person to talk you through the process, it’s not as complex as it sounds either. Commercial Vehicle Direct can assist in finding you an impounded van policy that is based on your personal circumstances. Fill out the form below and we will give you a call back to talk you through the process.

What if I can't drive anymore after my van has been impounded?

If your van has been impounded as a result of you driving it without a licence and/or the proper insurance, or a similar offence, you may have been temporarily or permanently banned from driving. This can understandably cause worry as far as getting your van out of impound is concerned. Whatever the reason for your inability to drive your van, if this is the case then you will likely need to nominate another driver with a valid driver’s licence to collect the van for you on your behalf.

Ideally, this nominated driver should be named as an additional driver on your existing van insurance policy. The nominated driver will then have to take out the impounded van insurance policy to get the van out of the pound and pay the charges when doing so. However, it is vital that the nominated driver does the following to get your van out of impound successfully:

  • Brings with them a letter of authority signed by you authorising them to get the van released on your behalf
  • Brings with them a copy of your passport as proof of your identity and signature as legal owner of the van
  • Informs the impounded van insurer that they are not the owner or registered keeper of the van themselves – if they fail to do so the policy may not be valid

Why choose CVD for impounded van insurance?

At Commercial Vehicle Direct, we know that finding suitable insurance for the understandably stressful circumstances of having your van impounded isn’t always the easiest to deal with. That’s why our UK based team is ready to help you with insuring your impounded van to get it out of the pound and back into your possession once again.

Commerical Vehicle Direct work with a panel of UK insurers. Our UK based team can offer you a quote for an extensive range of van insurance policies.

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