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There are a number of reasons why you may be looking to buy an imported van. Perhaps you’ve found a cheaper version of your ideal van, or been impressed by the design and build of some of the vehicles available overseas.  However, before you start counting the pennies you’ve saved you need to be aware that it can sometimes be difficult to find imported van insurance at an affordable price.

How much will insurance cost?

Van insurance for imported vehicles tends to be higher than for those bought in the UK for the following reasons:

  • It can be both costly and time-consuming to locate the correct parts 
  • This in turn can make it more expensive to repair 
  • If you buy a vehicle from overseas there is a strong likelihood that it will be a left-hand drive and even built to a different standard 
  • The vehicle may need to be tested to ensure it conforms to European standards and considered roadworthy
  • Tracking down the vehicle’s service history can often pose a problem

How can you help reduce the costs?

To help keep the costs down when buying an imported vehicle it’s even more important to do your research.

It’s also important to understand that the cost of insurance is largely dependent on the type of imported vehicle you are buying and how it would be categorised.

This could include:

Grey imports

“Grey imports” are vehicles that are built outside the EU and are often sold through specialist dealers or import companies. While this is usually done legally, it’s important to remember that some vehicles, such as Japanese imports, will have a higher specification, as well as more advanced features and equipment.

Parallel imports

“Parallel imports” applies to vehicles that are purchased from a country within the EU and therefore meet the same minimum standards as UK vehicles, which makes finding cover easier. 

Personal imports

“Personal imports” are brought into the UK by a private individual and for that reason, it should already be registered with the DVLA, which means there should be fewer obstacles to getting the vehicle insured and on the road. 

Specialist team

We have a wealth of experience in commercial vehicles, whether it’s a parallel import from Europe such as an Opel, or a grey import from Japan.

We don’t just use automated pricing systems, we understand our customer’s requirements and get to know your individual circumstances, which is why we utilise our specialist insurers on our panel to make sure we can offer you the right cover.

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