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What is ice cream van insurance?

Ice cream van insurance is an insurance designed to protect your specialised refrigerated vehicle if it is used to run a mobile business selling ice creams or frozen products. If this applies to you, then you know how important your van and equipment are to your business. You will also know how important it is to have the correct insurance so that your van, liabilities and equipment are properly covered to give you peace of mind and get your ice cream van ready for the road.

How much is ice cream van insurance?

The cost of your ice cream insurance policy will vary mostly depending on factors such as (but not limited to):

  • The value of your ice cream van
  • The value of its fixtures and fittings
  • The value of ice cream equipment within the vehicle that would have to be replaced in the event of an incident
  • The average amount of time you expect to be working in the ice cream van
  • The areas/pitches your ice cream van will be operating from
  • Who will be driving the vehicle – this is particularly important if you employ other staff and want to allow them to legally drive the vehicle. In this situation you would be covered by adding an Any Driver ice cream van insurance clause to your policy

Your ice cream van insurance quote and any subsequent policy will be based on your individual circumstances.


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Do I need public liability and employer liability insurance for my ice cream van?

Because you'll be interacting with and selling your ice cream and frozen goods to the public, you'll want to be protected from any incidents that may happen while you're working in your ice cream van. This means you will need public liability insurance to cover any such occurrences. If you have employee’s you will need employers liability insurance.

Public liability insurance is designed to solely protect third parties, not damages to your vehicle or injury to yourself. Therefore, if you have employees working for you in your ice cream van, or members of the public buying from your ice cream van, you and your business will be protected from any claims that may be made against you with a public liability insurance package for your ice cream van.

Our Public Liability package also extends to cover Employers Liability Insurance, which is a legal requirement for any catering business that has employees, such as an ice cream van business if you are not the sole worker of the business.

Learn more about our Public Liability add-on here >

You will also need small business insurance cover to protect your business from unforeseen circumstances that may force your ice cream van out of action for a short period.

If you don't already have Public Liability or Employers Liability insurance, our parent company Brightside can help connect you with UK ice cream van insurance companies who will find the right catering packages for your needs.

Visit Brightside’s Public Liability page to find the right fit for you >


Why choose CVD for ice cream van insurance?

Here at Commercial Vehicle Direct, we know that finding suitable insurance for your ice cream van isn’t always straightforward. Our UK based team is ready to give you a quote today for your ice cream van insurance based on your individual needs.

Commercial Vehicle Direct work with a  panel of UK insurers. Our UK team can offer you a quote for an extensive range of van insurance policies including optional extras such as RAC Breakdown cover, Personal Accident and Replacement Vehicle cover.

So, if you're looking for ice cream van insurance, give us a call today.



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