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What is campervan conversion insurance?

Campervan conversion insurance – also referred to as converted campervan insurance – is insurance designed to cover vehicles, typically vans, that have been or are currently being converted into self-built campervans.

If you've recently converted your classic VW van into a campervan, you'll need to upgrade your insurance to take these changes into account. If amongst other things you have added a stove, new windows or a bigger engine to carry the extra weight in your converted van, this information will need to be added onto your policy to ensure that you have sufficient cover to suit your individual needs.

Camper conversion insurance is different to standard UK campervan insurance and is based on you and your vehicle. Once you've made any modifications to your van or camper van, you will need to get converted campervan insurance as it will then be the correct insurance cover for your situation. Give us a call today and get a campervan insurance quote.

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How much is campervan conversion insurance?

Every campervan conversion is different, and your converted campervan insurance policy and price will reflect your circumstances and vehicle as a result. Our team at Commercial Vehicle Direct will take your details and compare converted campervan insurance quotes from a range of UK insurers to get you a quote for your converted camper van based on your individual needs.

How to reclassify your van as a campervan

A common roadblock that some people experience when converting their panel van into a campervan is failing to get their conversion work approved by the DVLA after their work is complete because they have not properly followed the specifications provided by the DVLA to begin with.

If you want to reclassify successfully you need to make sure the body type on your current van’s V5C paperwork is one of the following before you start your campervan conversion project:

  • ambulance
  • box van
  • goods
  • insulated van
  • light goods
  • light van
  • livestock carrier
  • Luton van
  • minibus
  • MPV (multi-purpose vehicle)
  • panel van
  • specially fitted van
  • special mobile unit
  • van with side windows

You also need to ensure that the van’s external and internal features match with the DVLA’s requirements.

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When does a van become a campervan?

Getting insurance while converting a van to a camper is important and as such it’s vital to know just when a van becomes a campervan from an insurance standpoint. As it stands, if you make any modifications to your van, you'll need to alter your insurance package. But which modifications specifically turn your van into a campervan?

The DVLA have specific criteria to follow if you're creating your first campervan and as such these modifications turn your van into a campervan conversion from an insurance standpoint:

  • A bed. This can be converted during the day to fit other purposes, but it must be secured as a permanent fixture.
  • Cooking facilities. You must have at least a single ring cooker or microwave that is secured to the campervan floor or wall.
  • Storage facilities. This can be a cupboard or a locker, as long as it's a permanently secured feature.
  • A table and seating. These can be detachable and extendable to give the passengers somewhere to relax and eat meals, but they must have a permanent place inside the campervan to be stored when not in use.

What other types of changes are classed as modifications from an insurance standpoint?

  • Replacing standard wheels with alloys
  • Adding extra seats, windows or doors to your van
  • The addition of a body kit
  • Spray painting or adding vinyl wraps to your van
  • Modifying the suspension, steering or engine
  • Removing rear seats to make more space
  • Attaching an awning bar


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