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Temporary Van Insurance

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Why choose Tempcover for temporary van insurance?

There are various reasons why you might need temporary van insurance cover, perhaps you plan to borrow a van for a test-drive, a short-term contract or perhaps to move house.

Alternatively, you may want to lend your van to a friend, employee or business colleague. Adding them to your insurance policy will cover the vehicle, but it puts you at risk of losing your No Claims Discount (NCD) if they have an accident while named on your policy. Temporary van insurance is ideal for these situations.

Our award-winning friends, Tempcover, can arrange cover for anytime between 1 and 28 days. With temporary van cover, both the driver and van will be fully insured without it affecting your NCD. 

Whatever type of van you drive or own, Tempcover can offer comprehensive short-term van insurance for the length of time you choose - up to a maximum of 28 days.

  • You want to share a long drive with a van owner
  • You need a van to move house
  • You want to test drive a new vehicle for a private sale
  • You’ve borrowed a van to trial a business idea
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Get the right temporary van insurance

If you’ve borrowed or lent out a van, it’s important to know that the right cover is in place for the driver. Temporary van insurance provides a great, easy solution to short- term cover, for even the shortest journey 

It’s quick and easy to arrange cover and what’s more it can come in handy for a variety of situations. Perhaps you want to test drive a new van but the garage doesn’t offer adequate insurance or they’ve quoted a very high excess should you have an accident, and while you plan to be very careful, there’s no guarantee what other drivers could do. With Tempcover you can opt for one day van insurance to make sure you’re fully covered. 

Alternatively, maybe you’re looking to drive someone else’s van for work or social purposes. While you may be able to drive a van under your own policy, you will probably only be covered on a third party basis. For added peace of mind and to ensure you’re not liable for any damages, it might be wise to take out a comprehensive short-term policy, which is where Tempcover can help.

Get in touch today for more information and let’s get you on the road. 



For a new quote call

0344 902 8331