personal accident cover

Protecting your vehicle in the event of an accident is vital, especially for small business owners who rely on their vans for work. However, it’s just as important to protect yourself if you are seriously injured. Personal accident covers you for loss, injury or death and can offer a much-needed safety net, especially if you are unable to work and provide an income for your family after a vehicle accident.

You may often be driving with colleagues, friends or taking long family trips in your beloved campervan. By taking out personal accident cover, you’ll also be protecting your most precious cargo – your passengers. 

How does it work?

The Personal Accident cover will run alongside your van insurance policy for a maximum of 12 months, however if you purchased it after the start date of your van insurance both will expire on the same day. 

Both you and any passengers travelling with you in the insured vehicle will be covered in the event of:

Any accident that occurs while you’re driving the insured vehicle

A malicious and unprovoked attack by another road user if it happens in or nearby the insured vehicle

An accident or fall whilst getting into and out of the insured vehicle

You will also be covered if you’re involved in a road accident after travelling as a passenger in another vehicle.

What’s covered? 


All subject to a maximum claim limit of £50,000 per person and £350,000 per accident


£50,000 (£2,500 for a passenger under 16 years old)

Loss of Sight

£50,000 (£25,000 for the loss of sight in one eye only)

Loss of Speech


Loss of Hearing

£50,000 (£25,000 for the loss of hearing in one ear only)

Loss of Limbs


Permanent Total Disablement


Hospitalisation Benefit

£100 per each completed 24-hour period of stay in a hospital up to a maximum of 30 days.
Cover excludes the first 24 hours.

Third Degree Burns


Fracture to the pelvis, arm, leg, skull, vertebrae, jaw, knee, hand or facial bones (excl. nose)


Fracture to foot, shoulder blade, elbow, sternum, wrist, ankle, collar bone or coccyx


Fracture to any other part of the body (including nose)


Emergency Dental Expenses

Up to £250 for emergency dental treatment for natural teeth within 7 days of the accident.
Excludes the first £25 of each and every claim.


Up to £500 for up to 5 sessions of physiotherapy with a qualified professional.

Stress Counselling

Up to £500 for up to 5 sessions of physiotherapy with a qualified professional.

Personal Belongings

Up to £150 for damage to personal belongings. Excludes the first £25 of each and every claim. 

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