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18th July 2016 by Commercial Vehicle Direct

The UK’s funniest commercial vans

4 million vans, 45 billion miles and 6 great vans

There are now more than 4 million vans on our roads and demand for new vans is at a record high, that’s according to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

Vans now cover 45 billion miles each year and commercial vehicles as a whole contribute £11 billion annually to our economy. A key part of this is small business owners – often savvy, one-man bands, with a real passion for their profession, and a great business name. 

What’s in a name? 

A name means everything. A good first impression is important, but you also need one that lasts.  Quirky names get people talking, a fact that’s backed up by independent research commissioned by Nectar Business. 44% of Brits are likely to start a conversation with their friends or family after seeing a unique business name, compared to only 19% for less-descriptive names such as ABC Ltd. Emblazoned on a van people will only talk more!  We all remember Virgin Media’s carefully named fleet – Obi Van Kenobi, Marlon Vando and Julie Vandrews. You also might have seen DHL’s sports-car vans, designed with a speeding motor under the driver’s cabin in an effort to emphasise their fast delivery service. But, while large brands have big budgets to style and wrap their fleets, the true gems lie with the small and medium size business. 

CVD’s Favourite Van Designs 

We’ve scoured the UK’s top vans and here are some of our favourites!

1. He-Van 

Meet He-Van, the Brighton based movers of the universe.

(Image courtesy of He-Van)

2. Bonnie Tiler

This van is sure to make you turn around.

(Image courtesy of Bonnie Tiler)

3. Sofa King 

Need we say anymore?

(Image courtesy of The Sofa King)

4. Spandau Valet 

This Cornish valeter provides gold standard services, from a true professional.

(Image courtesy of Spandau Valet)

5. Lawn in Order 

These guys will help you figure out the root of your gardening problem.

(Image courtesy of Lawn in Order)

6. NYPD 

Don’t worry if your neighbour has a visit from the NYPD, it might not be as bad as it seems.

(Image courtesy of Nigel Yates Plumbing Department)
What else have you seen on your travels? Comment and let us know!