Petrol and diesel engines to disappear by 2040

Thursday 27th July 2017

Petrol and diesel engines set to disappear by 2040

The government has announced that sales of petrol and diesel cars will be banned by 2040. Environment Secretary Michael Gove said human health is under threat from rising levels of nitrogen dioxide emissions. The plans follow a decision by the French government to take polluting vehicles off the road because poor air quality has damaged people’s health.

High levels of vehicle pollution in the UK could be responsible for as many as 40,000 deaths a year, and campaigners also blame emissions for increases in asthma and other respiratory illnesses among children.

The ban will also apply to hybrid cars. The decision will have a huge impact, not just on vehicle manufacturers but on the nation’s road and power infrastructure. There are currently 26 million cars on Britain’s roads, of which 105,000 are electric cars. There are just 5,000 electric vans.

There are only 13,000 charge points, and there are no indications how the government will handle the huge increase in demand for charging points. Critics have also voiced concern at the impact on the national grid, especially during periods of high demand.

Commercial Vehicle Direct insures electric vehicles and we support measures taken by the authorities to improve air quality, although there any many other factors that contribute to air pollution and climate change, as well as vehicle emissions.

It’s not only vehicle engines that will be changing. High Speed 2, driverless cars and who knows what other changes to the way we get around, will make 2040 look a whole lot different to the ways things are now.