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The Weirdest Things To Have Been Delivered

It’s hard to remember the days where you couldn’t order something and get it delivered the day after. We are relying on instant delivery now more than ever before. Can’t find an item of clothing in the shop? Order it online. Not much stock in the supermarket? Do an online order instead. Without couriers, we wouldn’t have this luxury and it’s easy to take them for granted. On that topic, we’ve been searching the web for the oddest things that have ever been delivered. Some rules were extremely lax back in the day and there were some people who took advantage of this, to say the least. Below are seven of the weirdest things that couriers have delivered worldwide throughout history – some still available today!

A Hot Sunday Dinner

It can be a struggle if you’re living away from your family and missing your home comforts, like a Sunday roast for example. One parent wanted to serve their family staple to one of their children who was away at university. To do this, she sent a hot Sunday dinner across the UK through the post. It’s safe to say that the dinner didn’t arrive hot, in fact it barely arrived edible, but it’s the thought that counts!

Amazon Home Services

Weird in the sense of sheer convenience compared to only a few years ago, Amazon has quickly become the place to buy pretty much anything, from food and films to appliances and clothes. If that isn’t enough, Amazon now answers to home service requests. If you need a desk assembled, just order someone online to do it for you and then deliver it. You can even order cleaners to come to your home and clean whatever you need, from full house deep cleans to carpets, BBQs and ovens. Gone are the hours of struggling to assemble furniture; Amazon can do it for you.


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Fertilised Chicken Eggs

Ever wanted to have a few chickens roaming the garden? For those living in the US, leaving the house to purchase them isn’t even necessary. McMurray Hatchery delivers unhatched eggs in 48-hours, and customers can choose the breed and sex of the poultry they desire. With a guarantee that the chicks will arrive alive and a 90% guarantee on the correct sex of the chick, what else would you need? Starting a farm in only two days would be unthinkable decades ago. These days, it can become a reality for some!

Human teeth

In the 90s, one group of investigators in the US were keen to test the boundaries of what the US Postal Service would let them get away with. 64% of the items the investigators posted were all recorded as sent and received, from a helium-filled balloon to a box of dead fish! Pushing the boundaries even further, they sent one human molar in a clear plastic box. The US post office repackaged the box with a note saying, “Please be advised that human remains may not be transported through the mail, but we assumed this to be of sentimental value and made an exception in your case.”

Henry ‘Box’ Brown

Born into slavery in 1815, Henry Brown used the American postal system to escape his dire situation. When his wife and children were forcibly taken away, Henry decided that enough was enough. Aged 33, he managed to get in touch with anti-slavery activists in the North, concocting a plan that would see him arrive in a state where slavery was illegal. Henry was sealed in a crate and shipped by rail, wagon and steamboat on a 27-hour journey from Richmond, Virginia until he arrived at his destination in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, finally free from slavery.


The suffragettes fought tirelessly to give women the right to vote in Britain. In 1909, two suffragettes – Miss Solomon and Miss McLellan - were posted to 10 Downing Street. At the time, ‘human letters’ could be sent. After paying a delivery fee at the post office, they were escorted to Downing Street by a telegram delivery boy. Unfortunately, for the two women, they didn’t get past the Prime Minister’s butler and they were returned to the post office. Of course, mailing people is unthinkable in the UK today – thankfully!


In 1913, the US Postal Service upped the maximum weight limit for packages to 23kg. So, two parents had a cunning idea on a way to save some money. They wanted to send their five-year-old daughter to see her grandparents. However, the cost of a train ticket was far too high. Instead, they mailed their daughter there instead. Armed with the correct number of stamps attached to her coat, the five-year-old was sent to the mail carriage of the train and picked up by her grandmother on the other end. The year after, the postmaster removed the option of posting real people for obvious reasons.


Mercifully, the last three items on our list are definitely a thing of the past and it’s safe to say human transportation is not legally possible through the postal service anymore. However, every day couriers are driving miles and miles to deliver the goods we order online, many being weird and wonderful compared to what was possible years ago. Whether it’s unhatched eggs or a hot Sunday dinner, couriers are essential to modern day life. Having the correct courier insurance is a legal requirement and it is vital that you’re financially covered. To protect yourself and your couriering career, explore CVD’s courier insurance brokering services today.

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