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Get your GAP insurance from £55 for 2 years cover

  • Insurance for cars, vans, bikes, taxis, couriers
  • Protect the value of your vehicle
  • Covers the purchase price if vehicle less than 15 months old
  • Pays out within 14 days
  • Can freeze the value of your vehicle for 3 years
  • Finance purchase vehicles covered
  • Agreed value cover available

With a few simple steps GAP Insurance ensures you’re able to get the price you paid for your vehicle if you suffer a loss.

For example, you buy your dream vehicle for £20,000. If you suffer a total loss two years later, your insurer values the vehicle at the time of the loss at £12,000. GAP insurance provides the £8,000 difference.

GAP insurance for your vehicle - provided by insurance experts CVD

GAP insurance, some more information

If your car, van, bike, taxi or courier van is stolen or written off in an accident, you may be surprised how much money you lose when you get your settlement. That’s because most insurers only pay the current market value of your vehicle. This can leave you with a shortfall of thousands of pounds compared the cost of the vehicle when you bought it. This is why GAP insurance is so popular.

How does GAP work?

  • GAP protects this depreciation to your vehicle’s value over time
  • If you suffer a loss, GAP puts you back to the same financial level where you were originally
  • GAP covers you if you’ve leased your vehicle, as well as if you’ve bought your vehicle
  • GAP covers all kinds of vehicles – from cars and vans to bikes and motorhomes

Types of GAP insurance

There are three main types of cover. Click on each below to find out more


This is a great option if you’ve taken out a finance agreement. Not many vehicle owners realise that the insurer often pays the finance provider direct, not you, when they settle a total loss.

Return to Invoice

Just as the name implies, this type of GAP insurance policy will cover the difference between the insurers settlement and what you originally paid for the vehicle, as long as you are able to provide the invoice confirming the value.*

Return to Value

This option is suitable if you have purchased your vehicle from a private seller or a vehicle dealer, or even if you got the vehicle on finance and managed to get a one-off deal on the purchase price.

Finance - find out more

This can leave you without a vehicle and a shortfall or debt. Say for example you own a six-year old vehicle that’s worth £6,000. You take out a GAP insurance policy today and then in two years’ time, when your vehicle is only worth £3,500, it gets written off. You could have a debt still of several thousand, but Your GAP insurance will pay the balance leaving you debt free.

Return to Invoice - find out more

Say for example you own a six-year old vehicle that’s worth £6,000. You take out a GAP insurance policy today and then in two years’ time, when your vehicle is only worth £3,500, it gets written off. Your GAP insurance will cover you for the £2,500 difference. You now have £6,000 to buy your next vehicle with.

*Invoice needs to be from a VAT registered motor dealer


Return to Value - find out more

With Agreed Value GAP Insurance, you won’t be out of pocket if the insurance payout is lower than the actual Glasses Guide retail price of your vehicle at the time you took out the policy, all of which will help to give you peace of mind that you will receive the same value to afford a suitable replacement.

Don’t be like Dave:

Dave isn't a customer of ours. He bought a new vehicle two years ago for £20,000. He didn’t take out GAP insurance but this year he had an accident that wasn’t his fault. His insurance company have just paid out the market value of the vehicle - £12,000. Dave’s now got to find an extra £8,000 in order to buy the same type of vehicle he had originally. Don’t be like Dave – get covered!

More benefits of GAP

  • If you’ve bought your vehicle within the last 15 months, we can backdate the valuation of your vehicle 
  • GAP pays out within 14 days of your insurance payout
  • GAP cover can freeze your vehicle’s value for three years
  • You’re covered for one change of vehicle during the term of the policy

Note that GAP products are sold by other distributors.