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Why you need specific Courier Insurance

If you are offering a courier service and moving products or documents between a business and a customer in return for a fee then you’ll need courier van insurance.

This is because if you need to make a claim while driving your van for business purposes but you’ve said you’ll only be using your van for social then you will not be insured and you’ll have to pay a £300 fixed penalty, six penalty points and your van could be confiscated for your trouble!

Courier van insurance provides cover for the day-to-day miles you do as a courier and the multiple delivery stops you’ll need to make to meet scheduled delivery times.

You don’t have to have Goods in transit cover but you will be responsible for any loss, damage or theft that happens to the goods when you’re delivering them between a business and a customer if you don’t have this in place so it might be that you should consider.

Consider what level of cover you need

Remember, as a courier you’re on the road more than most this means you’re also more likely to be involved in an accident or suffer a loss more than most too!

There can be a choice of up to three levels of cover: 

  1. Third party only (TPO) – is the minimum cover required by law. This will cover third party liabilities in the event of an accident
  2. Third party fire & theft (TPFT) – is the same as TPO but also fire and theft of your vehicle
  3. Comprehensive – provides the same as TPFT but also covers you and your vehicle.