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Our response to Covid-19


Moving out of lockdown - Step 1


Are you thinking about going back to work?

No doubt you are now aware of the government's three step process which they hope will allow us to be released from lockdown over the next few month. And with every journey there is always the first step....

The governments "step 1" was set out on 10 May, allowing people who have not been able to work since lockdown the go head to get their business back up and running if it possible. (You can read the PM's full speech transcript here)

As someone who owns a small business this may have been music to your ears but with so many conditions to put in place to keep you and your customers safe it may feel a little overwhelming too.

To help you navigate your way through here some simple work practices which will keep you and your customers safe if you're entering their home.


Keep in contact with your customers in the days leading up to you starting any work just in case members of the household have developed any cornonavirus symptoms.

Read the government 'Working Safely' guidelines here

Find out how we can help your van, and your business, get back on the road. 

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